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Our FREE Market Snapshot is the latest and greatest tool available to both Buyers and Sellers. It is a fully interactive MLS enabled home search that:

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  • Enables you to compare list prices vs. sold prices.
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  • FREE Woodbridge neighborhood report.
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In this changing Real Estate market it’s becoming more and more important for both Buyers and Sellers to become more informed not only on their local market but the market as a whole. Market Snapshot will enable Buyers to view all the recent Active and Sold listings in a specific zip code and compare all aspects of the listings enabling the Buyer to make a more educated and informed decision. For Sellers it will allow them to again view all Active and Sold listings in their neighborhood and help them properly price out their home for the best chance at a quick sale.

As our market has changed from a Seller’s Market to a Buyer’s Market, this tool will prove to be an invaluable one.